The Board of Directors is elected by the OPIRG York community at our annual general meeting. We have spots for 7 board members and these may be taken up by York students (both graduate and under-graduate) and community members. The board is the main decision making body for our organization, and they are responsible for steering the organization's work.

Meet the OPIRG York Board of Directors and Staff for 2022-2023 Welcome to: Christina Love, Anusha Bhadra, David Bihon, Kalin Stacey, Huda Sadoon; Naila Lalji, Emily Green

Anusha Bhadra (she/they)


Anusha is a community organizer, facilitator, writer, and human rights advocate who is currently pursuing a degree in Political Science, as well as Public Policy Analysis and Refugee and Migration Studies at York’s Keele campus. Throughout their academic and professional career Anusha has been an advocate for student needs on campus, human rights, as well as promoting accessibility and sustainability. Anusha is actively involved as a student leader in multiple organizations, serving as the President of Amnesty International at York (AIY) and Director of Administration for the Palestine Solidarity Collective (PSC), among other groups and grassroots movements. Bringing over 5 years of experience in advocacy, administrative affairs, leadership and management, Anusha hopes to leverage these experiences in order to make a positive impact at York, and broader communities as a whole.

Christina Love (she/they – no preference)


Christina was a union organizer with Workers United, Director of Public Relations for the Palestine Solidarity Collective at York, intern at Social Planning Toronto, and a federal candidate in the 2021 election. Christina hopes to leverage these experiences into as much impact as she possibly can for the York, and broader, communities. As someone who has been marginalized by the enforced poverty of the working classes under capitalism, and who experiences dispossession from their cultural heritage due to the homogenization of assimilation into whiteness, her commitment to creating justice for those with her experiences, and whose experiences are beyond her own, is resolute. By any means available. 

David Bihon (he/him)


David is in his third year of concurrent education at York and dreams of becoming a teacher. Before OPIRG, he volunteered work with communities in Leslieville and the First Nations School of Toronto. He was also involved in the YorkU community as VP External of YDS last year and as President this year. At OPIRG, David serves as one of the board’s staff liaisons/employer representatives. He was inspired to join the OPIRG York board after the casualties of capitalism and the growth of far-right ideologies became increasingly clear in both their impact and scope. For him, we have a clear responsibility to act, in support of Indigenous, racial, sexual and gendered communities who do not have the opportunity to make their voices heard.


Huda Sadoon


Drummer. Cat whisperer. Medicine keeper. Student. Fire keeper. Friend of the water and the moon. Cyclist. Aspiring street medic and healer. Bison. Neurodivergent, Disabled, and Queer.

Kalin Stacey (he/him)


Kalin is a linguist, writer, and educator currently pursuing a degree in Translation Studies at York’s Glendon campus. He has been involved with OPIRGs in various roles for over a decade, alongside past participation in social movements and grassroots organizing. These days his time is split between work, classes, and being a full-time parent.



Victoria Barnett (she/her)

Victoria is a digital graphic designer, facilitator, community organizer, and collaborator at the service of social justice initiatives. She works with and for community organizations to pull on their own creativity and resilience, to create designs that are accessible, collaborative, and needed. Her work is based on the Principles of Design Justice, a network that she has supported in various roles and currently serves part-time as contract staff. She was an OPIRG York volunteer and a member from 2005-2010, then served as staff from 2012-2015, and is now a board member. She brings institutional and historical knowledge to the board and is excited to support OPIRG York’s reintroduction to York University and the wider Toronto community.


Michael Jodah Kenny


Michael’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice is due largely in part to his mother, who raised him as a single parent and got him involved in volunteering at a young age. Throughout his academic and professional career he’s been an advocate for student needs on campus, promoting sustainability, healthy lifestyles and student extra-curricular involvement. Michael has presented at international and national conferences on issues relating to education and sustainability. He has over a decade of experience in positions of leadership and management, serving as an Executive Director, President, Board Member and Office Manager for various organizations. Michael has been the recipient of over 20 awards and scholarships for his professional and academic work. Michael is currently completing his PhD in Education.