The Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) at York University is a student funded, student-run, nonpartisan organization on campus that conducts research, advocacy, organizing, lobbying, as well as educational and media campaigns. It was established in the spring of 1992 by a campus-wide referendum, joining a provincial network of OPIRG chapters at eleven Ontario university campuses.

Over the years, OPIRG York has stood at the forefront of social justice mobilization at York University, operating a dynamic space that acts as one of the main activist hubs on campus. Organizationally, we strive to promote anti-oppression politics, confront injustice, raise awareness about important issues and promote positive change. We are committed to making links between issues including Indigenous rights, anti-racism, economic justice, environmental justice, sexuality, and feminism.

Our main approach to activism is through a constantly evolving set of Action Groups. These Action Groups are collectives of people who come together to mobilize under the framework of social justice and consist of driven volunteers and activists who are interested in one or many issues. Over the years, OPIRG York groups have confronted issues ranging from anti-imperialism and sweatshop-free labour to animal rights and energy conservation. Our members have created community gardens, staged anti-deportation rallies, sent books to prisoners as well as collectively organizing Dis/Orientation, the radical orientation at York University. OPIRG York staff and board, in turn, design and coordinate various skills-building and other training for Action Group members and support them in organizing events, campaigns and activities for public education, and activism.

Most undergraduate and graduate students at York University are members of OPIRG York. Please note that Glendon and Osgoode students are not automatically members, but may join OPIRG York as community members. 

We encourage you to get involved with us!